Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jesus is...

My father.
My love.
My provider.
My best friend.
My sustainer.
My source of joy.
My comforter.
My guide.
My security.
My hero.
My peace.
My all in all.

These are the some of the many things that Jesus is to me... Really, He is my everything and I am so in love with Him. What are some things that Jesus is to you???


LIANNA said...

Was browsing around Blogger when I came across your blog!

To me, Jesus is my confidant. If there is something that I know I can't tell anyone else, I know I can tell Jesus!

James Wilder said...

My Counselor
My Portion

Carly said...

my strength. my life.

Anonymous said...

My exceeding great reward.

eds thinker said...

He is the milk of my life!

Rachel said...

He is my confidence when my own fails.
He is my rock and sure place.
He is the lover of my soul.

Jesus is the best!

eds thinker said...

He is the cattle upon a thousand hills!

Chris Sindle said...

My Strength.
My Help.
My Hope.
My Everything.

eds thinker said...

He is the source of my farm!

Anna said...

Hmmmm... Someone really loves the farm. :)

eds thinker said...

He is the tiller of the ground!

James Wilder said...

He's your temporary teeth when your real ones have fallen out (huh, Mr. Ed)

Malcolm Fogie said...

he is my cats meow