Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here are some pictures from Priscilla's graduation. We had a blast cheering for her. Priscilla, I am so proud of you! Congrats!

Priscilla and a friend from school

Mom and Pris

Sarah, Pris, and Sharaya

Priscilla and her Dearest

Priscilla and her boss

The Whole Gang

Mom, Pris, and Anna


Our table at Bj's

There is a screw in my pizza!!! But don't worry I didn't eat it.


James Wilder said...

A ceremony with Priscilla wearing all white (and at The Rock Church)...NOPE, not a wedding! :)-

Congrats again, Priscilla. The M242 blog has some details for you upon your graduation. Check it out.

James Wilder said...

Is that screw real? We encounter claims like this on a daily basis at my job. Chipped tooth claims are tough.

Anna said...

James, Yes the screw is real. I am so thankful that I did not eat it.

eds thinker said...

A screw in the pizza!I must admit, i dont have a story like that!

Ashley said...

Congrats Pricilla! & Sorry about that screw...that's weird.

Jeska said...

Congrats to Priscilla.

Ewwww a srew?!?!? I had hair in my cheese cake at the cheesecake factory sickning! I also tried an egg roll one time and it had this medal thing that looked like that thing on the end of the sink where the water comes out its round idk whats its called. Prob worst times of my life.