Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My how quickly 2008 has come and gone. So many ups and downs. It seems like just yesterday I was talking about how excited I was for the new year. Many great things happened and here are some of the highlights of this year.

*Mom turns 40!

*Became a blogger.

*Traveled to Israel.

*Priscilla graduated from High School.

*Priscilla turned 18. She is now an adult (or so they say).

*Ann Taylor

*Lost weight

*Gained weight

*Had the best birthday ever!!!

*Drove by myself in San Fransisco and did not get lost. :)

*Got a new job that I LOVE.


*Got stuck in an airport for a full day :(

*Made my first turkey ever.

*Worked very hard.... only to fail. But that's ok because I still have another chance.

*Fell in love with Jesus even more than before.

*Learned to completely trust Jesus in everything.

This year has been good for me but I am glad its over. Next year I am going to work very hard to become the best I can be. Best wishes for you in the New Year. May it be the best EVER!

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Rachel Malone said...

Israel was the highlight I would say...hope to do it again with ya pal. That sure was a blast with ya.