Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Holy Bible

I just got through reading an article that made me pause. The article was about putting a new spin on the Bible to make it hip for the younger generations and making it Eco-friendly for the people that are a part of the green movement. The first of the "new" Bibles is called The Book. The purpose is to make the Holy Bible more appealing. On the inside are pictures of celebrities, recent tragedies, etc all used to help provoke discussion, understanding and interest. Here is a picture of the front cover.
The second is the Green Bible. Its purpose is pretty self explanatory. It is made from recycled materials. I am glad that people want to spark interest in reading the Holy Bible but is this the right way??? Taking the Holy out of the Bible to make it user friendly??? I am a bit sad. The Holy Bible is good enough for me.xoxo.


James Wilder said...

I believe in climbing the mountain to get to God, rather then God shoving a silver spoon in people's mouth. I'm all for alternative translations, but this is up there with the new Gay Bible, that seeks to include AND CHANGE same-sex ideas that are in the Bible.

Leave the modern day analogies to those in the pulpit for application to be made. I guess I'm a purist too Anna.

Mary Frances said...

Oh all this stuff gets me to steamed to even talk about. I got all wound up about this article earlier this week!!!
I couldn't BELIEVE this guy!!!