Monday, November 3, 2008


Here I am rolling the dough.
Almost done!
Yipee! The finished product.

I used my mom's recipe and my tortillas turned out yum, yum good. :)



Mary Frances said...

Mmmmm! There is nothing in the world as good as fresh tortillas! Except maybe Tamales!!! ;)

Jessica N. said...

Can you please post the recipe? Mine taste a little funny, kind of doughy. And I have yet to get them round. Mine generally end up as squares. What can I say? I'm Colombian, this isn't our food!

Anna said...

Tanks for stopping by. I have to agree fresh tortillas are the best.

I will post the recipe soon. My tortillas do not have the best shape some turn out looking like hearts, cars, etc... Lol!

Rachel Malone said...

Good job cant wait to try some :P

JDE said...

Hey-we didn't get any of your soon-to-be-famous tortillas at church Tuesday night! Your sweet Mama always brings us goodies...(hint, hint, wink, wink).

Glad to see some of our girls can still rock the kitchen (in addition to church, school, careers). Love ya!


Anna said...

Next time you come I will try to make some. :) Miss you!

Bro. Johannes,
I will have to bring you some tortillas next time I make them. :)