Friday, November 7, 2008

Did you know?

Calvin and Hobbes were names after John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes.

Happy Friday!!!!


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James Wilder said...

Well, a comic represents a joke, and I suppose if you're going to be a joke, then John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes are perfect. One is a scandalous church leader, and the other a Western Philosopher.

Both men, by the way, were contemporaries of Michael Servetus, a martyr who defied the Nicean creed. He was burned at the stake with his books.

(The real irony is that Calvin may have been more of a fatalist while Hobbes was a free-will advocate, therefore more rational and aware of consequences... sounds like Hobbes, right?)

A pretty philosophical cartoon strip if you thought about it too hard lol

anthony cordeiro said...

*blank stare* well i was laughing at this james, but ur comment made me stop lol

James Wilder said...

LOL anthony... yes, it is VERY funny.

Anna said...

Bill Watterson put quite a bit of thought into Calvin and Hobbes. He wanted their personalities to reflect John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes but he also wanted them to show his own personality as well. Hobbes got his (Bill Wattersons)better qualities and Calvin got his ranting and escapist side.

Carissa Lopez. said...

ROFL at James and Anthony... (i think that was better than the comic for me). I was never a fan of these comics or of any comics for that matter (ekkkk. dont burn me at the stake!)