Monday, November 24, 2008


Everyone should collect something and they do whether they realize it or not. Some people collect stickers, pins, shoes, Christmas ornaments, etc, and then there are others that say they don't collect anything but they are collecting friends, broken hearts, enemies, titles, etc. Some things that I am collecting at the moment are college units, friends, shoes, books, and clothes. Looking at my list of collections made me a bit depressed because all the things I am collecting will have no value when I come face to face with Jesus Christ. Well, I guess that I could say that I am collecting time spent with God and that is worth a whole lot. Anyway just a random thought. So tell me what are you collecting?


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Janell said...

Awww Anna, you're not totally collecting things that have no value. Those college units and books will give you great advancement in your career, which in turn you can use for God's kingdom! So, maybe it seems round-a-bout, but it's still for God, right?! =)
I think at the moment I'm collecting hats, gloves, scarves, coats, and snow. hehe!