Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun Times!!!

Thursday night a few of us girls went downtown with no particular destination in mind and had a great time. We took pictures until our cameras died. :) I have posted a few of the pictures that were taken and some of them will give you a good laugh. Enjoy!!!

Carly on the top of the Sheraton Hotel acting like she is on the Titanic.

Maria the star of the show. :)

Dramatic Pose... Not sure what its supposed to be.

Fayruz is thinking, I am touching the door and Vera is on the phone. Fayruz' idea. Thats all for now. xoxo.


James Wilder said...

Umm... so this is what happened after Thursday's CoffeeBreak?

You girls are crazy. Crazy fun though too!

Jeska said...

Vera told me what u guys did! lol. Looks and sounded like u grls had fun.

Agh cant wait to start going to college and career next year.

Chris Sindle said...

You girls are crazy!!!

Sounds like a typical night on the town with y'all..LOL ;^)

James Wilder said...

"Jeska" how long until you graduate?

Jeska said...
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Jeska said...

Well James I will be graduating in May of next year. I am also starting college this year in June. So yea

Anna said...

James and Chris, we did have crazy fun, we always do. :) Next time you should join us.

Jessica, I can't wait till you graduate and join college and career either, but in the mean time we will have fun after youth. :) Love ya!!!