Monday, April 7, 2008

God Blocked It

I have to take a moment to brag on God and my Soprano Buddy(Katrina). Yesterday morning Battle Cry sang God Blocked It and Katrina sang the solo (and let me tell you she sang). The practice was horrendous and we were all relying on God to get us through because there was absolutely NO way we could have done it on our own. You can ask anyone that heard us practice. Anyway, Katrina sang her testimony with an incredible anointing. Not only did she get a huge blessing, but SO many others were blessed by her singing, myself included. I got to thinking about the things that God has blocked in my life and I became overwhelmed with gratitude. There have been many times where I happened upon a deadly car crash and know that could have been me but God blocked it, He wouldn't let it be so. He has been far too good to me. I also thought of things I thought I wanted that God blocked and now I see that He really did have a plan and He wasn't doing it just because. He was thinking of the big picture when I was thinking of what I wanted at the moment and not about God's plan. He is so GREAT!!!


James D. Wilder said...

Yes, Kat TORE it up! Wow. We've been waiting for this moment for years! Talent met Anointing...they had a tussle, and God won! (okay...cheesy)

Anna, you're right. I've seen things in your life that God has blocked. The amazing thing is the things we don't even know, or aren't aware what God has blocked.

I know I've failed Him before...but in His mercy, he BLOCKS it. He's kept me. Through my doubts, my worries, my anxiety...he BLOCKED the further attack and nursed my wounds. His Grace has truly been sufficient.

Good post. God is so good. We do good to look behind us to see how far God has brought us!

Anna said...

God is do great!!! It is so exciting to see the things He is doing...

Chris Sindle said...

Anna I really liked this post! I must have missed it when you posted it... You're right about seeing the bigger picture and the things god is doing!

Great Post :^)

Anna said...

Thanks Chris :)