Friday, April 25, 2008

Flowers and their Meanings

Since Mother's Day is coming up I thought I would post about the meanings of different flowers. So, when you are picking out flowers for you mother you know what they mean or you can just make up your own meaning. :)
Roses: Love
Orchids: A belle
Iris: My compliments
Daisies: Innocence
Tulips: Declaration of Love
Calla Lilly: Beauty
Amaryllis: Splendid Beauty
Hydrangea: Heartfelt
Daffodils: Chivalry
Chrysanthemums: Fidelity
Carnations: Pride and Beauty
Lilacs: Youthful Innocence
Bird of Paradise: Joyfulness
Tiger Lily: Wealth and Pride
Peony: Bashful
Anemone: Anticipation
Sunflowers: Pure Thoughts
Aster: Patience
Gladiolus: Strength of Character
Red Roses: Love and Romance
Black Roses: Vengeance
Blue Roses: Mystery and Intrigue
Pink Roses: Gratitude and Appreciation
Purple Roses: Love at First Sight
White Roses: Innocence and Purity
Green Roses: Fertility
Yellow Roses: Joy and Friendship
Lavender Roses: Enchantment
Orange Roses: Enthusiasm and Passion


Anonymous said...
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James Wilder said...

Whoa who are the blog hijackers?

Anna said...

What?!?!?! Who hijacked my blog???

James Wilder said...

The comments above. The "anonymous" people.

I can see it now..."Johnny, thanks for the Gladiolus! I'm glad you think that much of my character."

Em's favorite are Tulips...I like them too.