Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello World!!!

This is my very first time blogging and I am excited. I will try and keep you updated on the exciting things going on in my life. The key word here is try. Hopefully you enjoy my blog. :)


Music Eloquence said...

Happy Birthday Karissa!! Wishing you lots of happy ones to come!

Anna, welcome to bloggersville!! I like your layout. I tried to comment on your super cool pics but it wouldn't let me. Maybe my comp. is acting up again. Anyway. I'll try again.

Love and miss you all.

Music Eloquence said...

oh my word Anna... i thought this was posting to mission242. ROFLOL. When you said something about me posting to your blog i was confused... anyway this explains it... im sure my comment above explains why i thought i was posting to the other blog too. I would not have wished Karissa happy b-day on your blog. lol Sorry about that. Love you. will give Heather big hug for you. =)